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plant based vegan ratchet fries
plant based vegan taco and fries from Ziggys

The Culture

Food, like art and music, should make you FEEL something.  Pushing boundaries and experimenting with flavors from around the globe.  Mashing up cultural influences in a way that pays homage to tradition at times, and explores new territory at others.  Always having fun and doing our best to spread love to our community & all that pay us a visit.  We hope you feel the love!

The Joint

100% Plant Based Burgers, Tacos, Fries & Shakes

House Made Black Bean Veggie Patty & the Impossible Patty both offered here.  Non-Dairy Shakes and Loaded Fries both offered here.  Tacos and Egg Rolls, let's ride. 


Music: Sometimes Wu-Tang, sometimes The Clash, sometimes Marvin Gaye.  Sometimes Madonna and sometimes Doja Cat. 

Our local take food can be ordered:

 In person, via phone, online or through DoorDash

Vegan food Paso Robles
Plant Based Burgers in Paso Robles & SLO
Ziggys Plant based Take Out

Greens Just Got Faster!

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